Join CrossFit 212, in New York's TriBeCa neighborhood

Drop-ins from out of town are welcome. Contact us to let us know you're coming.


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Interested in joining but want to understand the class experience before committing? Try our Saturday 11:30am class at CrossFit TriBeCa on 281 Broadway where we’ll lead you through a classic CrossFit benchmark WOD, scaled appropriately to your current level of fitness. This class is for newbies only, no out of town drop-ins. If you're ready to get started, sign up for our next Foundations course.

  • Laura Skoda

    Amazing coaches, facilities and programming. The sense of community & support at CrossFit 212 and their sister Box CrossFit TriBeca cannot be beat!!

  • Adam Growald

    This is CrossFit at its best. CrossFit TriBeCa starts with outstanding programming--the most thoughtful and effective that I've encountered in NYC--but that's just the foundation. The coaches are key: they keep us motivated, energized, and most importantly safe. Finally, the community here is exceptional.

  • Maria Pfeiffer

    This isn't just another CrossFit affiliate but rather a dedicated family that will work with you to make you feel at home and comfortable with all aspects of the programming. Jim and his coaches go above and beyond.

  • Brock Saunders

    Simply #TheBest. Great facility and fantastic coaching staff. Best box in NYC.

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